Zen basalt stones and bamboo leaves on white background. FAQ.Those who are new to Reiki often have lots of questions to ask. Here are some answers to the more frequently asked questions.

What if I don’t believe in Reiki?

That’s fine. You don’t have to believe in reiki. I certainly didn’t when I started! As long as you are able to relax, the reiki will do its job.

Is Reiki a religion?

No. I have given Reiki to a wide range of people representing many faiths and some who are atheist.

Can Reiki harm?

No. Practitioners are trained to detect where there are energy deficiencies or imbalances and will concentrate on these to provide balance again.

Most people feel a little light headed immediately after the session but this sensation normally goes quickly. Very occasionally, some people may find that their mood swings for a day or two and then settles. Most people find that they sleep very deeply on the night of the session and feel great the next day.

What do I have to do?

Please take off only your coat, shoes and glasses if you wear them. Then lie back on the Reiki table or sit on a chair and relax.

What if I cannot relax?

Tell me. It is my job to help you achieve a relaxed state. I have a number of techniques that will help, one of which is the Reiki energy itself!

Is physical contact required?


I will always discuss this in detail before starting your first session. Sometimes I am guided to touch the person I am working on but if you ask me not to touch you at all, I have methods to achieve a similar effect.

Towards the end of a session, I usually hold a clients feet gently. This stops you from feeling spaced out after the session.

What about Confidentiality?

Confidentiality will be discussed in detail at your first session, before the Reiki starts. Under normal circumstances, nothing that we discuss will be passed on to any other person or organisation.

Do you continue to train?

Yes. All Reiki practitioners should treat themselves daily to keep themselves in the best possible state for treating their clients. Anything that arises from these self treatments that I need guidance with can be addressed at Reiki share meetings, mentoring training sessions and refresher courses that I attend. This is recommended for anyone who practices Reiki and counts towards my Continued Professional Development which is a requirement of belonging to the UK Reiki Federation.

My question is not answered in your FAQ!

I am always happy to hear from people with questions about Reiki, so please get in touch using any of the methods on my contact page.